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Since its inception in 1997, AKS Group Builders and Developers have been a forerunner in the field of construction. With service and organisational performance, that would fetch subsequent rewards, as its foundation, the company has marked umpteen milestones, in the domain and carved a niche market for the same. We are located at Sasthamangalam, near Sri Rama Krishna Mission Hospital, and it is well equipped by an Engineering team, who match their skillset, experience and talent to perfection, to efficiently deal with each stage, starting from the initial phase of the project until its culmination.

Building your dream home or office depends on only three factors: Your imagination, workers' skills and our engineering. True to our tagline, ‘Engineering your Dreams’, we promise you the space of your dreams, all you need to do is make a wish. Our company currently delves into aspects such as villa projects, commercials, landscaping, interior designing works, engineering consultancy and valuations, among many others.

AKS Group Builders and Developers’ evolution have been gradual, but steely, as over the years, it has played an important role in cementing trust and respect, among clients. A quick study on gauging the challenges the company has overpowered seems important to get an overview. There would definitely be an enhanced admiration for the company, as we take great initiatives in creating a sense of pride and enthusiasm in the workplace. The company, which has been one among those who made a mark, has been religiously leveraging an additional marketing asset.

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Our Vision

A pursuit towards excellence and glory and to be a leading construction company in the global market has driven us to be steadfast and be on the move consistently. Our aim has been the go-to place for the clients by striking attaining quality, that matches their sensibilities and completing value-added projects on a timely basis. We strive to provide echelons of service that would reap the organisational rewards and satisfaction in the construction industry in every project we have laid our hands on. Consistently delivering construction solutions, which are perfected to align with our clients’ requirements by endowing modern principles and high-end technologies.

Our Mission

We are on a constant quest to innovate, create and imbibe new technology in methods and materials to augment productivity and cost effectiveness.
We are continuously committed towards enhancing the competence of our team, by supplementing it with diverse, innovative and methods, which are result-oriented.

We have been on a triumphant path, solely due to the integrity our subcontractors and staff has dealt their work with, our dedication towards a solid work ethic and the fervour for staying updated with the latest innovations of our industry, at the same time taking the environment into account makes us stand out from our peers.

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